February 5, 2018

By definition, executive means someone with great responsibility or having the singular ability to put plans and actions into effect. Executive is what makes CEOs and also constitutes one of the highest branches of the government. So when a brand bears this title, there’s a sense that it must be important and worthwhile—much like these 12 executive conference centers.

While any venue with with desks, chairs, and Wi-Fi might be considered a conference center, executive conference centers go above and beyond the standard features to provide an inspired environment for learning, networking, and team-building. Most executive conference centers are IACC-certified, a distinction from the International Association of Conference Centers that requires venues to adhere to a set of quality standards. That includes having an inventory of ergonomically designed chairs, built-in amplified sound, unobstructed interior views, and proficient staff among other qualifications that set the bar for conference centers.

NAV CENTRE in Ontario, Canada is also a thrilling meeting experience set along 70 acres on the St. Lawrence Seaway where a refurbished farmhouse provides a unique setting for smaller functions and where guests can enjoy an indoor lap pool and sauna and volleyball courts during breaks…

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