Best of: 7 Remote Workspaces

January 22, 2020

Cornwall, ON — Excerpt from Perch Magazine: As large companies embrace remote work as the way of the future, being productive away from the office is becoming a real option, especially for those in rural areas like ours. Studies show that remote work can increase productivity, shorten commute times, be less at the whim of distractions, and even lead to savings on things food, clothing, and transportation. It’s no wonder that this new way of working is becoming wildly popular with tech and creative companies.

But where can remote workers head when they need to escape the confines of their home offices? We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite places to get work done.

Best Place for Work and Play: NAV CENTRE

NAV CENTRE (1950 Montreal Rd., Cornwall) is a remote worker’s dream. Tons of natural light with floor-to-ceiling windows everywhere plus endless nooks and crannies to tuck into work. We especially love that NAV also has a gym, spa, pub, café, and restaurant on site which means that when your brain needs a break, you can escape for some playtime.

Article excerpt by Kelly Bergeron, Perch Magazine

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