UAV Drone Certificate Course


5-Day RPAS Advanced Pilot Certificate and Licensing Course
Next Course Date: To be announced

Carleton University’s Faculty of Engineering and Design and NAV CANADA are pleased to jointly offer a RPAS Advanced Pilot Certificate and Licensing course. The course will cover RPAS (UAV /Drone) types, opportunities, challenges and practical flight training.

The 5-day course will be delivered at the NAV CENTRE Facility in Cornwall, Ontario.

Course content will be focused towards:

  • Transport CANADA RPAS Rules and Regulations, effective June 1, 2019
  • RPAS application designers
  • Flight Operations and Operation Planners
  • Project/program managers
  • Scientists, specialists, engineers and technical subject matter experts involved in the application of RPAS
  • Law enforcement and first responders
  • RPAS entrepreneurs
  • Technical managers

Course participants will be presented with a Certificate of Completion. The Transport Canada online exam, practical flight and radio license assessment are included in the program.

Topics pertaining to both fixed-wing and rotary RPAS (UAVs/Drones) will be covered, including:

  • Advanced Pilot Certificate and Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) (requirements, application, applied use and exceptions, and changes in scope to SFOC)
  • Flight principles, functionality and controllability
  • Applications
  • Detection, tracking
  • Sensors and communication
  • NAV CANADA Air Navigation System overview:
    • Weather products and access
    • RPAS Authorization Request Form (required information, online form submission, regional RPAS Office information)
    • Communications and surveillance systems
  • Potential opportunities and risks related to RPAS (UAV/Drone) use and new Transport Canada regulations.
  • Flight training sessions will focus on:
    • Basic flight skills using stabilized and un-stabilized models.
    • Manual and automatic flight profiles.
    • Assessment for Restricted Radio Operators license (optional)


Day 1: new pilot certification requirements, application process. RPAS/Drone/UAV Types (Range, Endurance, Payload). Restricted Radio Operators assessment. Flight Training Session 1 using DJI 450 and Mavic Pro units
Day 2: Flight Principles of RPAS/Drones/UAVs and propulsion Systems. Flight Training Session 2
Day 3: Controllability, Sensors and Communication, RPAS Safety, Detection, Tracking and practical demonstrations. Flight Training Session 3
Day 4: NAV CANADA Air Navigation System (Airspace definitions, Weather products and access, facility contact information and opportunities and challenges). Pre-Exam topic review. Flight Training Session 4
Day 5: Policy and Regulations, Industry Support/Involvement. Flight Training completion. Knowledge assessment and Transport Canada online test.
Classroom and Flight Training Program: $2,000 per participant (plus applicable taxes). Enrollment fee is collected to cover the academic and ancillary costs of the course including instructors, classroom space, use of simulators, simulator support resources and supplies. All fees will be collected by NAV CANADA.


Flight Training Program: A 4 – hour flight training program and assessment. Flight training will also include a Transportation Canada Radio Operator’s Assessment and Online License examination.

Guest rooms: Available at a rate of $179.90 per night (plus applicable taxes). This includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in the Propeller Restaurant.

Lunch is available at $19.50 per day (plus applicable service charge of 15% and taxes) for non guests.

REGISTRAR: Katherine MacLean • 613-936-5006 •

To register please email Katherine.